Contemporary Glass Design

Of all the mediums I have worked with, kiln formed glass has captured my imagination and after extensive training I now have my own studio. The way light passes through glass is seductive, reflective and refractive. It adds a dimension that cannot be duplicated in any other material.

The opportunities glass gives to experiment with colour is magical. The variations and intensity of tone, hue and depth are mesmerising and due to the diversity in the glass structure no two pieces are ever the same.

Kiln formed glass covers many styles from jewellery to wall panels and cast pieces. Additions of metals, wood and stone can be incorporated into designs furthering the scope of a finished piece. Depending on the design, paints, glass powders and sand blasting can also be included, to create a truly individual art work

Each piece I do is a one off as the end result will depend on the glass used, the variation in colour, pattern and texture of the glass, the kiln temperature and length of firing, plus any additions needed to complete a design. Firing can take from one day to a few weeks depending on the size and design of the piece.

Inspiration comes from everything around me. I love movement, pattern and texture in nature, especially water and ice. I want to push the boundaries through imagination, new techniques and my own development. The scope is endless and each day is an adventure.

As well as my training I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful renowned artists learning from the generosity of each of them through master classes plus a mentorship with Fiaz Elson.